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Book your MOT for Cars and Motorcycles at Fairlight Garage, a D.V.S.A. approved test facility.

If you have problems using our MOT Booking System
please call: 01273  303020

One of our approved testers will carry out your vehicle’s MOT. You can either book your vehicle in for an appointed time or If you want to wait while we carry out the MOT (it takes around 1 hour). Motorcycles MOT’s 30-40 minutes.

The MOT test covers

– Lighting and Signalling Equipment
– Steering (including suspension)
– Brakes
– Tyres and Road Wheels
– Seat Belts
– Body, Structure and General Items
– Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions
– Drivers View of the Road

MOT Test at Fairlight Garage – MOT £45.00,  Motorcycles £29.65 with FREE Re-Test if required, (within 10 working days after test).

Should the vehicle require any repairs the MOT tester can explain why and discuss the options available. We can also fix the problems ? usually straight after the MOT once we have your approval. We will keep a record of when your vehicle is due for its MOT so we can send your a timely reminder next year.

The Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (D.V.S.A) approves all of Fairlight Garages MOTs.

cog  All our testers are accredited by D.V.S.A to complete  MOT tests.